Our Company



In business since 2009, Island Mountain Development Group (IMDG) is an employee-driven company dedicated to serving the Gros Ventre and Assiniboine Nations by creating a self-sustaining, local economy through the creation of business opportunities, jobs and by providing workplace training, positive role models, and resource development.

We operate with the goal of building profitable businesses and a solid local workforce. IMDG strives to build businesses, develop a strong workforce and encourage the circulation of tribally earned dollars within our local economy.

IMDG businesses range from restaurants and call centers to meat processing and packaging. These businesses are continuously evolving with the needs of the community. More than 50 people are employed by IMDG, with more than $1.4M annually paid to our local employees.

Throughout all of our business practices, IMDG remains committed to the tribe’s core values, collaborating with the Tribal Council members and our employees to create a strategy to build a self-sustaining sovereign nation. We work to fill necessary gaps in local services, boost the local economy and bring out the best in our employees.

How much in payroll have we paid since 2011?

Since we started $1,966,019.44


How many of our employees are enrolled members of the Tribe?

59 of our 62 filled positions are enrolled members of the Fort Belknap Indian Community


How many people do we have on the payroll?



How much have contributed back to Fort Belknap and local communites in 2013?

$10,555.80 in local sponsorships & donations


How much have we paid to the Fort Belknap Investment Board?



How much have we paid to the Fort Belknap Insurance Company?



How much have we paid to the Fort Belknap Buffalo Program for buffalo purchases?



How much have we paid to the Tribe in 2013?

$60,000.00 in profit sharing


How much have we paid back in loans back to the Fort Belknap Indian Community?

$99,362.00 paid for start up monies received by the Tribe.


How much have we paid back in debts incurred by other tribal enterprises (Little River Smokehouse, Planning & Development Corporation, & Little Rockies Meat Packing Plant)?