Our Homeland

The reservation of the Fort Belknap Indian Community consists of the Assiniboine and Gros Ventre Tribes and is in North-Central Montana, 45 miles south of the Canadian Border. There are approximately 8,000 members combined between the tribes. The Fort Belknap Indian Reservation’s current boundaries were established in 1896 with an approximate width of 28 miles and 40 miles in length.

Fort Belknap’s northern boundary is the Milk River and on the southern end, the beautiful Little Rocky Mountains. Along with IMDG’s industries, ranching, farming, governmental entities are the primary employers of tribal members on the reservation. Both tribes evolved from a plains Native American culture relying on buffalo for subsistence and the horse for movement within their traditional territories. Today, our tribes have adapted to an ever-changing world and yet retained culturally significant elements that make us distinct as sovereign nations.