Donation & Sponsorship

Island Mountain Development Group seeks to assist and provide opportunities to contribute to the health of our communities. We are proud of our contributions and will continually practice our cultural value of generosity.

IMDG supports groups and organizations that operate in the following community sectors:

  • Community related activities or events that enhance the quality of life for the Aaniiih and Nakoda people
  • Education
  • Youth
  • Health and welfare
  • Aaniiih and Nakoda culture
  • Arts

Category Type

Donation applications will be evaluated on specific criteria to ensure that the policy achieves approved categories and is applied with consistency.

  1. Category I   – Individual
  2. Category II  – Team/Group/Club
  3. Category III – School/Educational Institute
  4. Category IV – Community-based Project/Event



  • All requests must be submitted using IMDG’s Donation and Sponsorship Application.
  • All requests and supporting documentation must be submitted through the online application, email, fax, or hand delivered.
  • All requests must be submitted 30 calendar days prior to the event/activity.
  • Applicants must demonstrate fiscal responsibility and managerial competence.
  • Applicant must provide background information to support this request.
  • Priority will be given to projects that fulfill a recognized need and benefit the community-at-large.


The following ARE NOT eligible for support:

  • Advertising and promotions, including advertising solicited on behalf of another organization
  • Professional fundraisers working on behalf of an organization
  • Government Programs
  • For-profit Businesses
  • Any event that promotes drugs and/or alcohol


Once the Donation/Sponsorship form is completed, it will automatically be submitted to IMDG.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Donation/Sponsorship process, please contact IMDG offices at (406) 673-3031

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